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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Startup Podcast, hosted by us here at Founders Floor - an immersive coworking accelerator that mentors and backs startups right here in San Jose. On every episode, we have new investors and founders sharing their wisdom on how to create that truly successful startup company. Our main rule on this podcast is to tell it like it is so that you can use the candid advice we share to help grow your own company.
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Nov 2, 2018

We were fortunate enough to hear from Jeff Epstein, investor at Bessemer Venture Partners talk about what VCs want and needs to see from startups and entrepreneurs. The info and insights Jeff talks about are based on his immense breadth of experience as an investor - but he's successfully drawn on exactly what he would want to know if he were a founder now - knowing what he knows as a successful investor.

It's for this reason that we're excited to bring you this podcast. It's seriously info-packed and there's a lot of great advice from someone who's been part of a firm that is a venture capital institution in the United States.

Bessemer Venture Partners is the oldest venture capital firm in the United States. They didn't just see the dot com boom and follow suit - they opened their doors in 1911. The firm has over $5 billion in management and the notable names they have in their portfolio are too many to name - Yelp, LinkedIn, Shopify, Twilio, Box... the list goes on. 

You can follow Bessemer Venture Partners on Twitter, @BessemerVP, as well as us here at Founders Floor on all social channels as @foundersfloor. Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe to stay updated when we regularly release new episodes.