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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Startup Podcast, hosted by us here at Founders Floor - an immersive coworking accelerator that mentors and backs startups right here in San Jose. On every episode, we have new investors and founders sharing their wisdom on how to create that truly successful startup company. Our main rule on this podcast is to tell it like it is so that you can use the candid advice we share to help grow your own company.
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Oct 25, 2018

As part of our Investor Series, we hear from Silicon Valley VC, Charles Hudson, currently at his own seed stage investment firm, Precursor Ventures, although at the time of this recording, Charles was at SofTech Ventures (now Uncork Capital).

In this podcast, Charles talks a lot about the fundraising process, along with some keen thoughts on founding teams and solo founders. He also gives a very realistic glimpse into how VCs approach investing - what worries them, what he wishes he hadn't passed on. In his words, 'You have to have a short memory in this job.'

Over his career, Charles has been an active investor in all different stages of the investment spectrum, from Series A and M&A, to now Pre-Seed and Seed stage. You can follow him on Twitter, @chudson, as well as us here at Founders Floor on all social channels as @foundersfloor. Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe to stay updated when we regularly release new episodes. 


Oct 4, 2018

We sat down with Scott Kupor of renowned Silicon Valley VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, to discuss all parts of the fundraising process:

  • Where introductions to their investments generally come from
  • Key ingredients for a successful venture funded startup
  • Most common mistakes he sees in startups
  • Seed stage vs series A
  • What does the process look like towards funding
  • Key differences from seed/angel round to institutional rounds
  • Understanding different incentives for different investors
  • Advice for entrepreneurs on what they should be looking for in VCs
  • Thoughts on sole founders vs founding teams